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Saturday, January 26, 2008'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

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Thursday, November 1, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

my bday wishlist:

a fedora hat
a hoodie (black lol)
a Panic!At The Disco t-shirt
a rocker t-shirt
an anna sui perfume
a hug(haha..jk)

*so far tats on my mind..

k..so this few days been at home..went 2 skul on wed....boring....got bak results...hate all my results...for all the effort i've put in..i got back crap...next year i will suffer..i'll do better for a better tomorrow...

adam and his band and some other bands will be having their own concert at 3K this sat..rm25 oni...check em out if u can..need more info...ask away n i'll ask adam 4 u...

just a few more days till click 5...i just hope everything goes well...i always hv a gut feeling sumthin weird might occur...sigh...

my bday oso comin in a few days time..planning to watch movie...my parents wanted to throw me a sweet sixteen party but i told them its ok..i dun think i deserve it..n i asked thm 2 keep the money for my present instead..im planning 2 buy a handphone..not certain which yet...
i have so many things i want for my bday..but i cant afford em now...
so i made a wish list hoping a miracle would happen..n i can get em..(just jokin..its just there for the fun of it)


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Saturday, October 27, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

yay! yes...the click five comin 2 msia! haha...wat..think i wont go n miss my chance 2 see KYLE PATRICK...dream on..haha...so glac they're comin....gonna see em at *********..haha think im gonna tell u..hell no...i wanna be in front row at ******** for em 2 sign my cd..haha....!
cant wait.... goin wif manda n tiff..lol...kyle..here i come!

n as 4 Ryan Ross...nope..he's not 4gotten...he's still my number 1..lol


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Saturday, October 20, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

anyone heard of the rock band TOKIO HOTEL...their from Germany...but i recently heard their songs dat they did into english...its called 'scream' and 'moonson'...check it out...here's their pic...

The one pointing and the one wearin a hat are twins..hawt rite..lol...
So....i think most ppl from my skool can agree dat the end term exams timing is so horrible..exam,holiday,exam,holiday,exam,holiday den exam on nov 3rd again..wat de!
why cant make it on the followin sat?drag the exam..make ppl tension oni....ish!
im so bored at home nowadays...not much happening...i wanna go sunway lagoon...lol..maybe i'll go on my bday..hurm..or someday...wif my frens....hv some b4 F5....stress year!sigh!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

latest music video from my fav rock band
PARAMORE called crushcrushcrush(the tittle is all stuck 2gether)
song is great!
Hayley(lead vocal) has a new hairstyle..she is soo cool...love her voice!the band rawx 2..! enjoy!~


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i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

yea..so havent been on9 4 so long cause i nowadays have no idea wat 2 do on9...so i ended up reading my harry potter book...i finished it edi..kinda ok ending...expected more...lol..but its awesome still...cant wait 4 the movie......im so sad for the ppl who dies.....sigh...nways...wat else...oh yar..gettin a new computer soon..just waiting 4 the delivery....i've been using a laptop eversince....

nways...the other day i pasted a huge poster of the jonas brothers in my room and had the best dream....n i've fallen in love with the joans brothers(especially joe..not u'res Tiff)....i dreamt bout them the other night...lol...tats was also how i fell for ryan ross...lol...the poster kept starin at me n i fell for em...oh joe frm the jonas brothers so cute....

S.O.S-the Jonas Brothers (Their latest song)

Year 3000-the Jonas Brothers

Hold On-the Joans Brothers



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Thursday, September 27, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

Seven things to be done before my death
1. Meet my favourite bands!
2. Spend all my money!
3. Dream about the good ol' days
4. Say sorry to everyone whom i've hurt
5. Donate my clothes to the needy children
6. Advice my grandchildrens about life (*stupid granny)
7. Have a friends and family reuninon(my friends and family matter alot)

Seven things I will NOT do even if it kills me
1. Eat dog meat
2. Be stick thin
3. Be fake
4. Be someone im not
5. Run around nude
6. Slap my friend again
7. Tell 'him' i loved him

Seven things I do when I'm away from the public
1. Dance (yes every one..i can dance)
2. Sing very loudly
3. Make weird xpressions infront of the mirror
4. Pretend im someone famous (LOL)
5. Talk to my Ryan Ross posters (and the other posters..sometimes i feel like they're watchin me)
6. Cry for no reason
7. Exercise

Seven favourite sentences/quotes
1. friendship is not about the word,its about the meaning
2. this time we're not givin up,lets make it last forever
3. in a friendship there should never be 2 of a kind,we should all be different
4. second chances they dont ever matter people never change
5. whats mine is mine,whats yours is mine
6. we live in a beautiful place
7. ban yeh!

Seven favourite songs from all time
1. all Boys Like Girls songs
2. all Panic!At The Disco songs
3. all Paramore songs
4. all Fall Out Boy songs
5. all American Rejects songs
6. all Vanessa Hudgens songs
7. anythin i can connect with

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did
1. be a fake friend
2. talk behind my back but smile infront of me
3. say Ryan Ross sux
4. say I dont care when i do(unless i dunno u)
5. steal my friends
6. hurt my friends/loved ones
7. hurt my family

Seven people to be tagged
7. whoever who wants to do this


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Tuesday, September 4, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

so long havent update....

hmm...well....my life so far....its alright...goin thru the exam pressure now...but i hope i can get gud grades..lol....study!study!study!

well....many of ya'll noe bout my fight wif my fren sue anne....but...i feel it was a dumb misunderstanding we had about something pei song said...i wonder why he told them a lie...sigh...
i reli feel so sorry for what had happened n wished it nv did happened...but i knew we shud hv talked bout it earlier...but...ppl do mistakes...n im learning...im tryin not 2 talk bout others cause i noe it hurts...so...i've been bein at my best behaviour....me and sue anne are talking again....but...not as close...but i dun blame her...its her life...i just hope we would heal our wound soon...

sorry sue anne

merdeka...what did u guys do?
well me...i did somethin i nv in a million years dream i would do...
nv heard of it?
well here's some pics....

its a water sport game where u have dis reli huge kite and a board...so we need powerful wind for it and let the wind bring us around...we can do it on the water,in ana open area..anywhere as long as there is wind...its reli fun....i hope i can do well in it...cause im thinkin bout takin it seriously...maybe u all can see me in competitions...lol...hopefully....but its reli fun!


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Sunday, July 29, 2007'♥
i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

im in love wif Paramore's new song called misery buisness...

and The Academy Is... Classified song...nicee~



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i love spongebob and patrick! ♥

okie then....i cant wait for HSM 2..i hv my disney channel back yay!i can watch it over and over and over again!

hmm...wat else...oh i updated my fanfic..n...

im in bab 4 in my sej nota..3 more bab's 2 go...

okie larr...nowadays i damn malas 2 blog...lol...nvm..

here are some cute ryan ros pics!

here's a video of Brendon Urie(Panic!At The Disco's lead singer) and Ryan Ross rehearsing.

Doesnt Brendon soun sensational!Ry look so cute!


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